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The concept revolves around the carefree days of

Having inhibited fun - not worrying about today’s norms and time.


The shoot essentially captures all aspects of our lives everyday joys with our loved ones - such as a day at the park, catching up over coffee, travelling together, dancing ( read festivity) while deliberately 

masking/ blurring the other model/subject through angles and edits of photography.


The blur signifies the distance we must and have to maintain during these times while simultaneously creating a “longing” and a connect with our loved ones.

S36251 copy.jpg
S36560 copy.jpg
S37163 copy.jpg
S37176 copy.jpg
S37151 copy.jpg
S37150 copy.jpg
S37085 1 copy.jpg
S36850 copy.jpg
S36828 copy.jpg
S36837 copy.jpg
S36399 copy.jpg
S36341 copy.jpg

Client @Shrinkhla.official

Production/ styling/ direction by @studio.workingrl
Shot by @Yugammonga
MUA @Kirtana_singh_makeup

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