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Tick- Tock

Her day begins at Eight
With breakfast each morning
A quick glance at the newspaper
She rushes out the door.

She is now in action
Pitching in a board room
Acing everything
She sets her mind to.

Deep in thought
Busy at work
Constantly contemplating
Whats next?

In the comfort of home
She counts the hours
Until another day begins
As the clock strikes Eight.

The Mother. The Boss. The Worker-Bee. The Lady.
The Qua Woman.

Eight to Eight and Beyond.

A woman’s job stretches far beyond the ordinary 9 – 5. A woman is a daughter. A mother. A wife. A boss. A friend.

Balancing work and life is a constant juggling act. From day to night - QUA pieces fit seamlessly into the life of a woman less ordinary ; transforming as she does into being the perfect version of herself.

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