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That time of the year when the mind reminisces the days of the past, of moments spent around food, friends and family with boundless joy and enthusiasm. As the hustle-bustle of the festivities surround us, we remember exchanging gifts with one another, giving them with great affection and receiving them with deep gratitude.

If memory serves us right, each one of us looked gorgeous in our own way, in saris and dresses, in colors and hues of orange and pink with bursts of ivory and mint, adorned and embroidered with that which makes us who we are.

Tohfa takes you back to our days of stolen giggles, sneaky mischiefs and beaming smiles amongst us sisters.

Client : @_deepthee_

By @workingrl

In frame @vagavoom @nimisha997 

Shot by @pritiza7

Hair and Makeup by @singhkirtana

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