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“Underneath the shade of the mammoth tree,

searching for the juiciest one- langada or totapari,
We find the joy of small things.
Of earthy tones and summer skies,
A khatta- meetha slice of life."

When you think of an Indian summer you instantly think of donning breezy kurtas and devouring sumptuous mangoes. Although 2020 has been far too cruel to us it wasn’t going to take away our carefree spirit! A spirit that’s often meetha and sometimes khatta while navigating through these strange times.We wanted to go bring back what always gave us comfort , a sense of belonging and togetherness.Our underlining effort remains to showcase something that’s truly Indian but often taken for granted.

With over 300 known varieties in not so 'aam' shapes , colours and sizes it has snuck its way into global art and culture.
Traditional ambi and other designs are often inspired by it's floral and geometric patterns. In some cultures mango leaves are used to ward away evil, the mango seeds are said to help control hair fall such is the aura mango!

Be it relishing your Nani's aam ka aachar or a mango sorbet, it truly is a slice of heaven.
Yes, we love avocados and açaí berries but how can we ever win against the king?

“Uchalti gaati
Dilo ko bhaati ,tez tarraar.  
Dhundho kidhar gayi
-Hui jhatt se farar”

Chori chuppe pakdi gayi
Khaate huye khatte aam
Kehti -
Aakhir alag hi mazza hai garmi ka
Na koi fikar, na koi kaam”

Client @baghindia

Production/ styling/ direction by @studio.workingrl
Shot and edited by @yugammonga

In frame @srish.y @littlespringhead

Hair and Makeup by @kirtana_singh_makeup

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