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“I am a Mistress of Indian Spices.

Mineral, metal, earth and sand and stone. The gems with their cold clear light. The liquids that burn their hues into your eyes till you see nothing else. But the spices are my love. I know their origins, and what their colours signify, and their smells. I can call each by the true-name it was given at the first, when earth split like skin and offered it up to the sky. Their heat runs in my blood. From amchur to zafran, they bow to my command. At a whisper they yield up to me their hidden properties, their magic powers.”

The campaign titled, Kesar, is a celebration of Indian Spices that paints a picture of enchanting, traditional bygone days. Aromas of rich spices, colors and festive flavours fill the air as the Mistress of Spices goes through her rituals as she passes on the mastered art down to her desicple.

Client @peeli.dori
Styling / art direction/ production @studio.workingrl
Shot by @_boragraphy
In frame @somyabakshi @rashnair
MUA @kirtana_singh_makeup @sabina_hairstylist_mua


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